Newly Wedded Nigerian Couple Gifts Lexus Car And 3.4million To Uber Driver


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Newly wedded Nigerian couple gifts Lexus Car with 3.5million to Uber Driver.

A flamboyant wedding ceremony between one Senator Adeyemi Smart’s Daughter, Deola Smart and Awujoola who is also called “Malivelihood” allegedly held yesterday at National Ecumenical Centre situated in Abuja and a young Uber driver reportedly won a Lexus car plus 3.4million as wedding souvenir.

Mostly, we easily give up when battling with life hurdles. We tend to call it a quit because the results we expected aren’t coming in anyway.

Therefore, we seek for another alternative just to attain that classical height ignoring the fact that the ladder to climb to the height of your success has already been planned by God, the creator of life and how such event will unfold has been predestinated before you were conceived.

Latest Couple

The news of the wedding party of this latest Nigerian couple has gone viral on the internet and social media users won’t stop talking about it.

Many things caused the heart to be jealous of this couple but the height of it all is that point where the couple gave out a whole Lexus car to the winner of a game who allegedly was a Uber Driver. His name was later identified as Austin. At that moment, other guests started gifting him some money which amount to 3.4million.

Report from a credible source has it that the Uber driver was not even among the invited guests, he only came to the venue to drop his client who paid him for his driving service.

Hence, he decided to wait till his hirer returns to the car. Fortunately for him, he was asked to come on in to have a seat in the midst of the guests who appeared to be highly placed personalities in Nigeria.
Then, the Master of Ceremony (MC) organized a tricky game which was exceptionally won by the Uber driver.

The brand new Lexus car

Austin is a fresh graduate of one of the most reputable Universities in Nigeria, University of Abuja where he studied Accounting and was just waiting for the release of his call-up letter so he could go for his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). He decided to be a Uber car driver so that he will be able to fend for himself and his family as well but grace unexpectedly found him.

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