“I Don’t Clean, I Don’t Cook”, Cardi B Caught On Camera Sweeping (Video)


Female American rapper and wife of Migos music group leader, Offset has been caught sweeping their home.

Cardi B who is known for her famous “I don’t clean, I don’t cook quote was a caught on camera by her husband in a video cleaning the house. Her husband offset, captioned the video ” LIAR”

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What is the significance of the expose’?

I know many people will be asking that question already. And here is the answer: Although, cleaning and cooking is not gender based. It will forever remains the basic gender life skill everyone should have a knowledge of. I mean, you need to know how to cook and clean.

Many ladies have opted to taking I don’t clean, I don’t cook religiously. But in actual fact, the Cardi B they quote regularly does the opposite of what she sang. What am I saying? Live your life as you wish but don’t be influenced by celebrities who doesn’t walk their own talk!

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