The Biblical Garden Of Eden Could Be Mars


What if the rivers mentioned in the Bible as coming from Eden were not natural rivers but canals? This might make sense in the context of ancient Mesopotamia as they were experts at controlling the flow of water and canals abounded in the region. For some however this idea is far too down-to-Earth. Literally.

William Francis Brinsley Le Poer Trench, 8th Earl of Clancarty, 7th Marquess of Heusden, was a British peer and fan of UFOs. He looked for canals on Earth but found none that might relate to Eden. So he looked upwards and realised there was one place that was famed for its canals – Mars.

In Trench’s theory Adam and Eve were created by aliens on Mars as an experiment. Their descendants continued to live there until Mars’ north polar icecap melted and they had to flee under their leader Noah. The fact that the “canals” on Mars never existed outside of imagination does not seem to have harmed this scenario

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