Night Shift Is The Shortest Movie In The World


Produced by legendary actress Viola Davis, this absolute masterpiece of a film tells the story of Oliver, a down on his luck LA actor whose career has faded over the years. In the middle of a divorce he struggles to come to terms with, Oliver ends up working as a bathroom attendant in a night club to make ends meet. The story unfolds as we follow him during a particularly difficult night at work, during which he has to face the reality of his situation.

Written and directed by Marshall Tyler, this Sundance Festival favorite delivers an incredibly human film. Tunde Adebimpe’s masterful performance as a man reaching a new stage of his life with a lot of difficulty is a true marvel to watch, as he brings life to this vulnerable character struggling to reconnect with his own dignity. “Night Shift” is easily one of the greatest short films ever made, and a definite must watch for any film enthusiast out there.

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