“Microbachius dicki” The First Specie To Have S*xual Relationship 380 Million Years Ago


In 2014 a team led by Australian paleontologist John Long has uncovered the origin of sex as a means of reproduction—and it’s in Scotland. They point to a newly discovered species of ancient fish called Microbachius dicki, which had apparently mastered sexual reproduction over 380 million years ago.

But early sex was apparently a little different from our streamlined modern model—3-D printed models of the fish suggest that the only viable position in which sex would have been possible was sideways. The male had two L-shaped claspers that were inserted into the female’s genital plates and locked in place for the duration of copulation. To help the male stay in position, the female’s genital plates were apparently rough “like Velcro.”

If our understanding of animal evolution is correct, it would appear that fish didn’t really take to sex and soon reverted back to spawning as a means of procreation. According to current fossil records, it would be a few million years before sex would make a comeback.

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