Scam In Cell No 9: From ‘Love’ To ‘Will’, Still Waiting For Johnson To Die


Nowadays, young boys are growing into men of dishonor, committing one crime or the other and ending up in prisons, sometimes their heinous crimes continue from their cell room with just a smartphone smuggled in, and some grande formats that they become masters of the cyber crimes. From wire fraud to love scam. The scams seems endless with a 4G internet ready SIM. Apart from the smartphone, they also own many cell phones and operated with many SIMs. For this men, they may be hidden in a cells but they are rich and very free on social media. These men are social media savvy, with multiple identities. Their prime targets are women desperate for love.

Love and desperation, then the advantage taking with love format….This is how the Love Scam In Cell No.9 came alive. Johnson is an inmate, an Ivy league graduate, held in a prison cell along the coast. He is a prisoner in the day, a celebrity at night, but not in the cell but on Instagram. All Johnson uses his smartphone for is to scour facebook and instagram for the love sick, love forsaken, love forgotten and the adventurous ladies. His targets are always over 40s. He intrude their vulnerability and make away with their monies..

One brown new beautiful Monday in the summer of 2019, luck seems to have shown on Johnson, he saw a more younger lady, they chatted on Instagram, he told her he deals in gold.. even from his rotten cell No. 9 smh. He has fished enough, this is a huge fish, scripture said “fishers of men” but Johnson is a fisher of women, seeking to destroy and not to save. The young lady name was Sharon, a widow, she was around 38 years old, but life happened, she lost her husband some years ago, on a day to their fifth wedding anniversary. Johnson felt he had hit the Jackpot when he found out she is the CEO of a Bank, she proved a ripe target. The lady has indeed spent the past few years taking care of her kid. She had missed her late husband, mourned enough and needed a new companion, she took on the attention from Johnson a new devotee, he is successful too. Sharon took him to be a welcome reprieve.

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From cell No. 9, Johnson had dedicated a full Instagram page to sharon. He built himself a fake glitz and glamour, and became a celebrity with no profession, he engaged a photo shopper and placed himself among the high and mighty. He lived a Hushpuppi, he did all this to succeed in this operation. He is sure of cashing out big. He was that billionaire who had succeeded in everything except with women. He creates an illusion. He had many failed relationship and he was done with young girls, he want single mothers who must have seen life differently and maturely. Sharon could see other big boys hail him on Instagram, but the big boys were indeed fellow inmates who has set up 100s of fake profiles . He was lucky to have met her. She believed the tale of him being done with “pick me today and tomorrow I become a flash types of girls” They chatted few in the day and more in the nights. He posted pictures, the pictures said he was traveling around the world with new designers and in a first class but he remain in cell No. 9. Jonson was generous, Sharon must have felt’ when he started asking for her sizes, waist , hips and feet. She saw him take a sit in designers store showing her Chanel bags, Gucci dress and many goodies he had bought for her.

Sharon was expectant, she is waiting for the grand reception of a sweet heart and the goodies. Johnson has reintegrated how he cannot wait to fly into town just to be in her arms and restore meaning into his life. Sharon now spend all her time with her virtual lover. Sharon is now always happy, people started talking about her new found appearance and mood. Her kid must have felt more lonely.

D-day came .The business man loverboy from his cell No. 9 created the illusion of boarding a first class Lufthansa flight. Johnson and Sharon blew each other kisses. Johnson would soon be canonized with sex’ Sharon was in full swing, she was prepared for the full manifestation of her knight. He landed in at the airports and made a call with a foreign number, a virtual number they say. Johnson briefly spoke about a few issue with the immigration and that she should meet him at certain hotel. She got ready, shinning, and shimmed ready for some holy water. Her friends who had the love story had become envious. How could such a good thing travel so far and single out the most unlikely. They talked about being bridesmaid.

Johnson said he was with the immigration when he called last. called again. He wasn’t quite audible. He was being arrested for something he considered funny. She tried to calm him. He was full of expletives. F–k this, f–k meeehn! There was a scuffle. He cut off the call. He must have switched the phone off. His phone was off, 5 days later he called with a local number . She was trembling. He said he had been charged for resembling a wanted cyber offender. Johnson had been charged to court. He whispered. “I will call later”. She couldn’t ask any questions. She had resolved. She would do her best to get him out . She would stand by him. Her dreams could’t be shattered by evil manipulators. She prayed and cried to God. He called 3 days later. The tone was resigned but resolute. He would get to the bottom of that. He would teach a few people some lessons. He would sue . They would go f–king bankrupt. She asked where he was. He said they had forced him into some prison. He didn’t even know the name of the filthy godforsaken place. She begged him to find out the name for her sake. She heard him ask. She heard another voice say the name of the prison. She asked if he had eaten. He said he was on a hunger strike. She pleaded and cried. And for her sake, he called off the f–king strike. She arranged a large basket. Cooked all sorts. Her kid watched with envy. She ran to meet her Johnson.

Johnson, a well know Yahoo boy, kept good looks. He has good jeans and t-shirts. Look a little foreign. She met him. She believed. She dropped the food and promised to visit regularly. He kissed her on her lips. And told her she was some f–king gorgeous tang. And told her he would need some f–king little change in fund. She nodded. His credit card, he said, was useless in the dungeon. She smiled and nodded, ” that’s why you have me, my sweet heart” She left. The other prisoners hailed him, another woman has fallen. The other inmates hailed him again. Nice job. He ran back to his cell to keep tabs on his other preys. He kept a catalogue, at some point , after some visits, food and money, he dislodged the preys back into the wilderness of lovelessness. They get ruined and find it difficult to love any other man properly. They see prey in all men. After collecting $25k from Sharon. Johnson told her he would be in the cell No. 9 till death comes and that she should stop visiting him. He promised to return the $25,000 with a fake will certificate bearing Sharon’s name as a beneficiary of a Mansion. Sharon is still waiting for Johnson to die.

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