Walk On Water Like Jesus Christ, Kanye Did It.. You too Can Walk On Water


Today, I will be sharing a magical guide on how to recreate walking on water.

‘Taking a walk on water might defile all science, because the body mass can never float on water without swimming aids which only stops the body from sinking deep into water most of the time, but to walk on water like a moon walker is a miracle performed by Jesus. It was a miracle and it will be, because it was natural. No blasphemy meant!

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So how can I walk on water? This would be the question on the lips of many people, and I am here to proffer the solution on how to achieve that. You too can walk on water.

Ever seen celebrities walk on water, I have seen a couple, Kanye West and Joel Oosten walked on water, but it was not a miracle, it was pure science. Have you heard of invisible glass? This glass are being fixed on pools to create the walking on water effect. When fixed on a pool. All you could see is the water and human taking a majestic walk without sinking! It is a miracle recreated by science.

Indeed men can walk on water with the right tools and not sink.

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