Biblical Jacob Was The First Scammer In History


Jacob was a young but brilliant man who fell in love with the easy life at a tender age. Jacob sound familiar? Oh yes, I am talking about the biblical Jacob. The dude has penchant for good taste but was poor at working hard for whatever he wanted. One on occasion, Jacob planned on how to scam his brother Esau, he saw a well cooked meal and wanted it for himself via fraud, when he could have just gone to the field to harvest his own yam and make cool meal out of it, he decided he must eat and enjoy in the easy way, so he made up a plan. He decided he will format Esau. Jacob approached Esau made him a nice offer, he told him to exchange the meal for birthright, all because he knew everyone knew him as the elder and everyone will continue to respect him as such, so he laid the format and Esau fell for the scam. 

Jacob nourished himself, fed fat and big on the meal he scammed Esau of, and by the time Esau realized he has been scammed, he decided to revenge because he realized everyone still respect Jacob as the elder one, so he has to scam the scammer. He decided he would get Jacob soon. Days went by and Jacob seems to have cheated him bigly and may get away with it, they began personal rivalry, then their old father wanted to bless Jacob before he die, so Esau heard it and decided to revenge, he went to get goat skin and wore it to present himself hairy just as Jacob to their father and take Jacobs blessing. He succeeded. Both of them collected under false claims and thus rivalry began. Today, there are claims of fraud committed by boys but the first fraud was indeed by the biblical Jacob

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