China Is So Cool With Nice Views. Visit China


China is full of cool things. Here are my favourites. I photographed them during my visit to Shanghai and Beijing.

In case you don’t know, train connects Shanghai and Beijing. And the trains are so fast that you can do a weekend trip and still see enough in the other city, even though it’s 1600 km. And this weekend to trip can even cost less than 50 US Dollars.

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Apartments everywhere And these buildings are huge. You may very well have a view like this from your living room:

China is the factory of the world, and they can build anything. And they do. You want to meet some designers, see a show car tonight? Somewhere, this will be going on, new daily productions everywhere, there is always something new to do:

The urban environment is very attractive and clean:

Restaurants are fantastic. Beautiful, great food, and patient waiters everywhere:

You can have new eyeglasses made for the price of a sandwich, while you wait and have tea:

Living conditions in the big apartment compounds are actually really nice and quiet. I was often sitting on my balcony in the evenings like this, in the middle of Shanghai:

The inner cities are incredibly full of light:

There are a myriad of different kinds of venues you can go and meet people, at all price levels:

The selection of products is absolutely crazy:

Every now and then, you bump into something that’s a thousand or so years old:

They put flowers everywhere:

You can eat great food at any time of day or night:

Interior designs are unbelievable, and fun:

You can have a cold beer or five any time, anywhere – and in the summer, you’ll want to:

The scale of the architecture is beyond anything you might have seen elsewhere. Everything is huge in China:

Taxis are everywhere. You want one, just hold out your hand, as if feeding a cow, and one should stop for you within seconds:

You can leave your umbrella at the entrance and lock it!

There are apples like this:

I am not sure what we are looking at, but it is remarkable:

Zero emission pickup trucks:

Bug screens that can carry the weight of an adolescent cat:

McD’s in Chinese:

Advanced, urban fashion:

Fast food chains you may not have heard of before:

People who keep the place squeaky clean:

Cool vehicles:

Extraterrestrial coffee:

Nifty movies:

Security guards everywhere – you are very safe:

A machine that predicts the future:

Trippy trip ships:

You can see huge buildings from above by climbing up an even huger building:

Not just huge, but actually interestingly built:

Cat cafés:

Hygiene is excellent:

Amazing parks:

Electric scooters everywhere:

Driving styles are mellow; you will never be afraid:

Crispy duck:

Dragons everywhere:

Scooters with roofs:

Space efficient living:

Vegetables you may never have seen before:

Yellow rice wine:

I think it’s cool, even if I am not sure what it does:

Well dressed dogs:

You may be living on the 27th floor, but you can hang up your washing in front of your window:

Bamboo stem bottle:

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