WWII Fiercest Battle Was Fought In Mongolia


Joseph Stalin, inadvertently or not, plotted the course of the 2nd World war. Had a then-unknown Russian officer named Georgy Zhukov not crushed the invading Japanese land forces near a backwater town in Mongolia in the summer of 1939 — preventing an imminent encirclement by the Japanese and Germans — the entire war would have taken on a drastically different look and outcome.

Utterly overlooked today, the Battle of Khalkyn Gol was, at the time, the most massive tank battle in history. The showed the difficulties Japan would have beating a large European military on land, with 75% of their soldiers K.I.A. The battle had the Japanese soldiers in such disarray that they resorted to drinking the water from their vehicles’ radiators due to lack of supplies. To this day, rust-flavored car water remains the only flavor Japan hasn’t turned into a Kit Kat.

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