IOS 14 : New features, Release date, Device Compatibility and many more


It is no news now as the latest iOS update iOS 14 is in town. The details of the update and release of iOS 14 was discussed at the WWDC on the 22nd of June this year. Most Apple users are expecting the release of iPhone 12 but this is actually the latest news.

iOS 14 beta version for developers was released on the day of the WWDC and is available for developers to test. It will be released publicly for beta testing sometime in July and finally the latest release of iOS 14 for Apple users will be released for download in September most expectedly because a date hasn’t been announced yet according to Tech Radar.

If you want to test the beta version now since the developer beta version is out, you will have to have a paid developer account to be able to get it now or you could wait for the public beta version for user testing. It will be preferable to wait for the final release of the update so you will be sure that the update is good enough for use.

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IOS 14

It should also be noted that if your iPhone is running on iOS 13 then you qualify to upgrade to iOS 14 after its final release and iPhone 6S until recent (iPhone dating from 2015) also are compatible with the upgrade and good to download your long awaited update.

The developers surely put in a lot to make it new and advanced. According to Apple “iOS 14 brings a fresh look to the things you do most often, making them easier than ever. And the apps you use all the time become even more intelligent, more personal, and more private.”. This means there are lots of advantages.

A lot of features where added to the the update and here’s a quick overview of it all straight from trusted sources.

IOS 14 Features

UX (User Experience)

Widgets on your home screen

Widgets have been redesigned to help users understand the use of apps based on the design and details of the app.

It has also been updated with smart intelligence to help organise apps based on the analysis gotten from the way users work with their apps and time ( based on interests and wants).

App Library

The new App Library intelligently arranges all your apps in a simple and easy-to-assess way. It organizes it all according to category and your best and most used apps.

Compact calls

This gives you the ability to make calls with your iPhone,FaceTime and other apps without taking up the whole screen space and with a new compact design.

Picture in Picture

You can continue to use another app while at the same time watching a video or using FaceTime.


Pinned messages

Now more than ever you are given the opportunity to pin 9 conversations to the top of your messaging list

Group photos

Give a unique identity to your group using a photo or Memoji ,or better still choose an emoji

Direct messaging

You can now give direct replies to a specific message in a group and you can also now view full replies as an individual message.


You are now given the direct a message to a specific person in a group once you type the person’s name.

When a message is sent to you with your name mentioned, the name is highlighted. You also have a choice to customize group notifications to only get notified when you are mentioned in a group.

New Memoji styles and stickers

Additional features: You can choose from 20 different hair and head wear styles to showcase your background and what you value


Cycling directions

You can now get cycling directions around your approximate location and plan each outing even on a busy day because now you can check to know busy streets and terrain around you.


You are now provided with guides on new and different locations and how to get there, from trusted brands and resources making travel easy with recommendations too

Electric vehicle routing

For road users using electric cars you are now given a map to show route to the next charging stop


Conversation mode

With Translate you get to design and change your conversations. All you have to do is just change your phones view to landscape and tap the single microphone button and say something.

On-device mode

You can also use Translate offline now . Keep all your translations private without the need to go online and use all downloaded languages.


You can now save recent translations in your favourite tab and will have easy access to phrases by checking through the history

Grab all attention

You can now enlarge your text in landscape view making it easier to read and gain the spotlight.


New design

Siri now has a new compact design that helps you get things done quick while at the same time doing what you want

Web answers

Siri can now give you answers to more complex questions from different search results from the web.

Audio reply

Siri now has the ability to help send your audio messages across.

Greater knowledge


Suggested automation’s

Once you add a new HomeKit to your accessories it sends automated messages to give you quick suggestions on how to benefit more from your choice

Home status

The home app now gives you the ability to prioritize apps that need your attention and helps you to easily control them

Adaptive lighting

It gives you the ability to adapt the lighting effects to different temperatures throughout the day

Activity Zones

Create Activity Zones that focus on the most important areas of what your camera sees so that you will be notified about motion when detected from the Activity Zone

Face recognition

Video cameras and door bells can now easily identify any known person by tagging using your photo app. You can also customize your notification to receive alerts when a tagged person uses the door bell



This is part of the beta program. Safari now has the ability to translate websites into 7 different languages.

When you check out a website on Safari that it can translate,an icon will pop up. All you have to do is tap and select your desired language


It claims to be the world’s fastest mobile browser

Car keys and CarPlay

Unlock your car

You can now unlock your car with your iPhone.

Share and manage keys

You also now have the ability to share keys with family and friends and ability to revoke access to key

Power reserve

Your iPhone will now have the ability to last for up till 5 hours even when battery runs out

CarPlay wallpaper and new app types

You now have the ability to customize with new and different wallpapers.


Battery notifications

New battery notifications now tell you when your AirPods need charging

Automatic switching

Now you can automatically switch between your devices while using your AirPods without touching meaning after using your iPhone you can switch to the use of your other devices without manual operations

Headphone adjustments

You can now easily adjust the volume of audio records and help to amplify sounds.

Audio sharing for Apple TV

You can now connect your 2 AirPods to your Apple TV so that you can enjoy watching your favourite shows without disturbing others while being with someone else

App Clips

Discover App Clips

App Clips are a new way for you to easily perform tasks using your phone. They pop up when you need them most like in events such as ordering food and renting a bike.

Fast loading

It loads fast and saves a lot of time

Easy and private

You can now make easy, safe and secure payments using Apple Pay to apps that require Sign in


Privacy information on the app store

You can now search for privacy policies of apps on the App Store before making a decision to download it

Recording indicator

An indicators will appear on the top of your screen whenever an app is using your camera or microphone in the background and you can check if an app has used them recently, from the Control Center.

Upgrade to Sign in with Apple

You can now login using your Apple account when creating accounts with third party apps and keep using your same password as you don’t have to worry about forming a new password

Approximate location

You can now share your approximate location with apps such as Weather and Local news


According to the Apple site, there is still so much more to expect apart from the ones listed above.

Official App website :-

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