TV news anchor calls out colourism in Kenya


A Kenyan news anchor has highlighted the irony of Kenyans speaking up for the Black Lives Matter campaign while light-skinned women are given preferential treatment in the country.

Yvonne Okwara who is employed by Citizen TV said she was held to a higher standard than her colleagues because of her skin tone:

“I’ve been expected to be smarter because ‘you don’t have the looks so you’ve got to use your brain instead’. It hasn’t been easy – it’s exhausting at times… It needs to change.”

She said colourism had fuelled the skin-lightening industry as young women seek to fit in:

“We may all like to focus elsewhere, but charity begins at home. Before you stand up for the BLM movement before you judge men and women for lightening their skin, telling them to love their skin, why not examine what got us here and how we got here?”

Here is Ms Okwara’s Instagram post:

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