Reliable Cloth Hacks For Female Body Types You Didn’t Know About


Did you know there are different Female Body Types?

As you already know, dressing well is part of the process needed to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. So I will be discussing different body types and reliable cloth hacks that work for each and every one of them.

Whether you are overweight, petite, or slim, you have a class of body type that you belong to. How is a body type determined? It is determined by the distribution of fat in your body, with three focal points; Hips, Bust, and Waist.

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There are basically four (4) body types in the fashion industry. These female body types guide the fashion industry in designing clothing items. So you see, clothing that fits Angela, might not look good on Debra.

A familiar experience is going to a boutique and seeing a nice dress on the mannequin, which you fall in love with, immediately. But when you wear it, it doesn’t give you the same fit it gave the mannequin, and you are wondering if something is wrong with your body.

No darling, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your body, you just wore the wrong clothing.

Is there anything like wrong clothing?

Yes, there is. If it is not for your body type, it is the wrong clothes.

So you might ask, how can I know the right clothing for me?

It is very easy. The key is to know your body type. Like I said before, there are basically four body types, and they are;

1. Apple Body type
2. Pear Body type
3. Rectangular Body type
4. Hourglass Body type

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